Research & Development

The Next Generation of Impact Protection

The most advanced HexArmor® impact resistance comes with all the dexterity, all the comfort, and more protection than offered by any other impact-protective glove on the market.  Our proprietary IR-X® technology shields our gloves with a full back-of-hand Impact Exoskeleton™, so every joint and knuckle is protected from debilitating blows.

In addition to being 42% taller than competitive impact guards, IR-X® smash guards are purpose-built to deflect the force of sudden impacts away from the impact point, rather than transferring force directly to the hand.  This unique characteristic is what sets IR-X® safety levels higher than the competition, and its flexibility is what makes the IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ more comfortable and more dexterous than any other impact-resistant technology available.